For other image formats, you need to replace the/.jpg/ part of the path with .png or .bmp — whichever file format you want it removed from and delete the 3D Edit key. By default, when you right-click on a photo or image file, the ‘Edit with Paint 3D’ option is displayed in the context menu.

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After completing these steps, right-clicking a .jpg image file should no longer display the option to edit with Paint 3D in the context menu. In the case you rarely use Paint 3D, it’s also possible to remove the option to edit images using the modern version of Paint via the Registry. Once you complete these steps, similar to using the Settings app, accessing the context menu will no longer show an option to edit the image with the Photos app. Whether you want to correct for lens warp, fix a jawline, or soften and blend areas of your photos – Our Reshape tool is the perfect BeFunky Plus feature to get the job done. With Batch Processing you can crop, resize, and edit hundreds of photos all at the same time. When choosing the best home design software for each category, we looked at dozens of software choices to get to our best.

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For instance, you can set the classic Windows Photo Viewer. In short, the Edit with Photos option shows up only if the Photos app is the default picture viewer. So, if the option is not appearing, it’s because Photos app is not the default picture viewer.

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There are two ways to get rid of Edit with Photos option from Windows 10 file context menu. You can easily remove Edit with Photos option by setting a different app or program other than Photos app as the default picture viewer.

As the name suggests, when you click Edit with Photos option, the image file is opened with the Photos app. You can edit the image by using various settings and options in the Photos app. Upon completion, the Windows 10 context menu links will no longer appear for any images and you won’t have to worry about accidentally reinstalling Microsoft Paint 3D. In typical Microsoft fashion, the uninstalled application left behind some unwanted links, particularly within the context menu when clicking on any image file.

This way, you will remove the “Edit with Paint 3D” option from the BMP image files. As you might have observed by now, the Edit with Paint 3D context menu option appears only when you right click on a picture file. In other words, the option appears when you right-click on JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF, and TIFF image file types. In Creators Update and above versions of Windows 10, there is a new option in the file context try this web-site menu called Edit with Paint 3D for image file formats. The Edit with Paint 3D opens the image file in Paint 3D app. As said, setting a program or app other than Photos will remove Edit with Photos option from file context menu.

I use the R/C context menu a lot and it frustrates me that Windows does not have a native application for editing the menu without going through the registry. I know there are apps to do this but I prefer to use Microsoft. Keep in mind the above step removes “Edit with Paint 3D” from the context menu for .jpg files.