Adobe Lightroom has made its reputation as the very ideal editing software for several professional as well as enthusiast photographers across the globe who love shooting RAW format. The software has all of the bells and whistles that you may choose from an advanced photo editor. Everything from basic exposure and contrast management to advanced masking and selective editing is within Adobe’s picture editing giant. Combine that with a strong cataloging system and you have a winner as far as most professionals are concerned. However, during the past few years, a great deal of excellent picture editing software has been released which provides the very same, if not better in some situations, level of management that Lightroom does. Many such editors also come in a lesser, one-time, price unlike Lightroom’s recent move to a monthly subscription version, making Lightroom a less appealing offering to people that are fresh the photo editor program. Why Lightroom Alternatives Are Important You’re wondering, if Lightroom does all that you require it to perform, why should you even consider using a different application? A whole lot of it boils down to the fact that Lightroom asks users to pay a monthly fee to use it. This sort of a payment version look okay in the beginning, but if you consider that you would be paying possibly thousands of bucks to use it within 8 Best Professional Alternatives to Lightroom For Photographers a life when you could purchase something for under a hundred dollars once and be great with it, then it begins appearing unnecessary. Sure, many one-time payment choices ask for a tiny additional price to update to the newer versions but you never always should upgrade, and even in the event you do, the price still remain well below what Lightroom would cost over a range of years. Thus, with no further deliberation, let us take a look at a few of the very best Lightroom alternatives, either for the lower price or better usability, you need to know of. 1. Luminar The very earliest and closest Lightroom alternative anyone can begin using in an instant is Luminar. This program started off as a Mac picture editor, but later began encouraging Windows too. The moment it had launched, it was commended for its incredible ease of use, highly intuitive interface using unique components like customizable workspaces, and very inexpensive price tag. Now, the most recent edition of Luminar has also introduced a library strategy which may just be the one thing that Lightroom’d and Luminar did not. With this new addition, Luminar has grown into among the best photo editing software which you could use without paying an enormous cost. 2. Aurora HDR Admittedly, Aurora HDR is more of a technical HDR software that concentrates on creating HDR images