Book Report Online Collaboration

as we have been studying so far during this semester online collaboration involves many concepts and ideas that are thought to build a concrete teamwork in this new online world today I’m going to point out the most important ideas of mr. Terrence breaks book where in the world is my team making success of your virtual global workplace let’s talk about the author first in order to better understand his approach he is the president mr. break of a worldwide company called tma which is specialized in global talent development mr. break had 10 years of experience in working with global teams and his focus and expertise is in global leadership and cross-cultural management please take a moment and watch his video promoting his new book at the link cited below and also check the website of the company he works for to be more familiar with his background mr. break emphasizing his entire book besides the great humour that he had applied in this great soap opera like many other experts had described I have to tell you that I was not expecting nothing like this to reel in a good way I highly recommend this book by the way mr. break get all together into words biltwell and global which the combination of these both terms it turns into the new work in place mr. break defines spiritual as people that are working together via technologies in virtual spaces rather than face to face and he also describes global as colleagues and partners often working from many different parts of the world the way mr. break had made sense of this new work in place and in order to reach success he focused on a system diagram that he named the sixes of online collaboration which it hits in key concepts of the process itself and at the same time are good representatives of this process which is on in collaboration mr. breaks diagram looks like this you may find it at the book or at the links sided at the bottom let’s go inside mr. breaks diagram and let’s focus in cooperation mr. break defines cooperation as the ability to develop and maintain trusting relationships across geographies time zones and cultures how first of all mr. break such as if is possible to meet face-to-face with the team you are going to work with always keep an open and honest respectful communication we always transparent in every move that you make for the team and project and always be enthusiastic about what you’re gonna do it is easy to detect that this expert mr. Bray has a lot of fun working not only by reading this book but also by getting the philosophy and culture of his enterprise this is something admirable because only a few people in the world is capable of which in this level if we move to the second component of the Seas framework of mr. break we will now raise convergence define us the ability to maintain a clear purpose direction and shared set of priorities mr. break recommend to work together in which everybody has the same understanding of the team purpose a building activities non related to the purpose meaning we focus on what you’re doing by having a group project with a well-designed strategic plan the third component of mr. Briggs framework is coordination you is the ability according to the offer to align work through clearly defined roles and responsibilities share tools processes and methods creating a small and temporary task teams also it could be done by creating a map with responsibilities and by creating a system to monitor every single detail of the progress this sounds familiar to you guys with our group final project for this semester for example the face clock that professor had sent us through email and in my case in the team that I’m part of we had used tin box as one of the tools used in order to be coordinated at the bottom of mr. breaks diagram is the component of capability refers to the ability to leverage the knowledge skills and experiences of oil members and increase the capabilities of the team as a whole how by conducting an informal capability audit which we can find it easily in the net is basically questions based on how much knowledge skills spirin sees each individual of the team process by project management which provides good opportunities for team members knowledge and skills development in addition encourage all team members to take on leadership responsibilities but based on experience first expertise and personal career goals I believe we had reached our favorite one communication you the author defines communication as the ability to generate dirt verbal and written understandings across distances via technology first by creating a formal communication plan second the author recommends having one-on-one meetings among the group finally very use of collaborative technologies relating to our final group project I believe after reading mr. break that is not too bad to change or and try new technologies like we had done with Clare Patricia and Status the final component of the six CS framework of mr. break is cultural intelligence cultural intelligence is the ability to develop and maintain a global virtual workplace inclusive of a value and style differences respecting differences among everyone and everywhere by recognizing them first developing a cultural self-awareness and always be alert and keep learning about others but the 6c framework or the six C’s of global collaboration of mr. break we have to face some challenges if not it would be too easy there are three main challenges that mr. Briggs had found for virtual global collaboration which our isolation fragmentation and confusion isolation as a result of a reduced contact restrict social difficulty of trust building reduce sense of team identity and the out of sight out of mind syndrome fragmentation as a result of unclear purposeful roles and responsibilities local pressures and priorities and certain things around the seizure making let of finding common ground the third main challenge of virtual global collaboration is confusion as a result of too much or too little communication in precise communication lack of short contextual understanding conflicting assumptions activities hiding from one another by distance these challenges can have an impact on face-to-face teams also as we know the instance and reduce contact tend to magnify them so now mr. break original diagram will turn into this new diagram that he calls the collaboration controller showing where the main three challenges are going to be present at the diagram shows besides the 60s framework in order to counter attacked this main challenges a virtual team needs to be emotionally involved and commit to the work of the team work together as unifying coordinated hole and shared understanding across the team I would like to finish this presentation by inviting you to go to mr. break block biltwell teamwork that blogspot com in one of his post mr. break has caught something that I also got from reading his book and I believe it’s a good final summary and message well the new build 12 work blaze is different in some ways from the old we don’t need to throw out what we have valued before in our people and start again this was Sebastian with the where in the world is my team book report thanks for your time and have a nice day