By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Katana is a research system that provides limited dynamic updating for user-mode ELF binaries. The Katana patching model operates on the level of ELF objects, and thus has the capacity to be language-agnostic as long as the compilation target is ELF. Ginseng is implemented as a source-to-source compiler written using the C Intermediate Language framework in OCaml. Ginseng’s compiler proves the cons-freeness properties of the entire initial program and of dynamic patches.

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The Autopilot computer on the other hand will dictate what kind of autonomous driving features you will be able to receive. As of now, there are five different versions of the Autopilot computer, HW0, HW1, HW2, HW2.5, and HW3. The most recent version is found in roughly every Tesla model produced after March 2019. To make a long story short, the MCU dictates how smoothly your infotainment computer works and what features you will be able to receive. For instance, such certain newer video games as well as video streaming services are only available on MCU2. Currently, there are only two different versions of the MCU with the latest MCU being found in all Model 3/Y’s and every Model S/X post-March 2018. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

DSU systems, as tools, can also be evaluated on their ease-of-use and clarity to developers. Many DSU systems, such as Ginseng, require programs to pass various static analyses. While these analyses prove properties of programs that are valuable for DSU, they are by nature sophisticated and difficult to understand. DSU systems that do not use a static analysis might require use of a specialized compiler. Some DSU systems require neither static analysis nor specialty compilers.

Looking through the calendar, you’ll get you a good idea at what kind of information you can expect from the app at a glance. The TeslaFi app is perfect for those people that classify themselves as ‘stat nerds’ or people who are just generally curious how your mileage is affected while driving in different temperatures. At this point, TeslaFi is a necessary tool if you want to truly stay up to date with your car. Most people might already know about drivers for Windows the TeslaFi firmware tracker, but did you know they offer much more than that? Sure, the free Tesla firmware tracker is great, but dive a bit deeper and you’ll have a tough time arguing against registering yourself.

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If a function is proven cons-free, it can be updated even if it is live on the stack, since it will not cause a type error by accessing state using the old representation. DSU systems can either attempt to synthesize transformer functions, or require that the developer manually supply them. Some systems mix these approaches, inferring some elements of transformers while requiring developer input on others. Ekiden and Kitsune load new program code via starting an entirely new program, either through fork-exec or dynamic loading. The existing program state is then transferred to the new program space.

This feature will be conservative, slowdown often at first, and will not attempt to turn through intersections. Over time, as we learn from the fleet, the feature will control more naturally. Tesla has already incorporated a ‘PIN to Drive’ feature to add a level of security to your car in case you lose your keys. The feature has now been expanded to allow you to secure your glovebox with a pin to keep any prying hands away from your valuables. The fruits of Tesla’s labor are starting to culminate as Tesla released a very limited release of their Full Self-Driving Beta.

It is the only DSU system to use the cons-freeness safety technique, allowing it to update functions that are live on the stack as long as they do not make concrete accesses to updated types. Cons-Freeness is another way to prove type safety, where a section of code is considered safe if it does not access state of a given type in a way that requires knowledge of the type representation. This code can be said to not access the state concretely, while it may access the state abstractly. It is possible to prove or disprove cons-freeness for all types in any section of code, and the DSU system Ginseng uses this to prove type safety.

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The feature includes an increase of capabilities as well as a more raw look at the data that your car is processing. You can now see the rough boundaries, cars, and possible routes that the car is thinking of taking in real-time. While it’s not a wide release, this represents a very important milestone for Tesla as the brand is looking to increase its autonomous features up a level. It is important to state that this feature is by no means perfect. When Full Self-Driving is enabled your vehicle will make lane changes off highway, select forks to follow your navigation route, navigate around other vehicles and objects, and make left and right turns. In an effort to offer more flexibility when it comes to using Autopilot, Tesla has allowed you to set an offset to the speed limit either based on a percentage or a fixed speed above the speed limits. This will allow you to save the hassle of having to set your own offset every time you enable Autopilot.