AMLs did not see action again until Operation Épaulard I, when twenty AML-60s and AML-90s were deployed for infantry support purposes. As the French infantrymen lacked heavy weapons of their own, they remained dependent on the AMLs for suppressing hard targets; this persuaded the French Army of the need for infantry fighting vehicles in overseas operations. The AML-90s were later used by the RICM against the Rwandan Patriotic Front during the Rwandan Civil War. As the AML was readily air transportable, it came to form the materiel strongpoint of the French Foreign Legion’s rapid deployment force.

Many Iraqi crews failed to take advantage of their vehicles’ mobility and engaged the coalition forces from static positions until they were wiped out by artillery. During the Liberation of Kuwait and the subsequent coalition counter-offensive, air superiority was the deciding factor in most reconnaissance operations. The Royal Saudi Army agreed to donate 31 AML-90s from its own stocks, as well as provide the necessary instructors for training Yemeni crews.

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Modifications included redesigning the smoke grenade dischargers, replacing the standard machine gun with a L94A1 chain gun and domed hatches to improve the headroom for the commander and gunner. They were assigned to the reconnaissance platoons of armoured and mechanised infantry battalions, before being withdrawn from service in 2004. Polecat – There was at least one trial version of a Fox chassis mounting the standard UK GPMG one-man turret and possibly one with a larger one-man turret mounting an M2 .5in heavy MG. Both types were proposed for use in Northern Ireland during the 1980s as patrol vehicles. It had a crew of three and had a low profile rotating turret armed with a 30 mm L21 RARDEN cannon, which was manually fed with three-round clips; 99 rounds were carried.

The film tells the story of a well-planned robbery of an armored car when it stops at a sports stadium. Yet, the heist goes awry, and a tough Los Angeles cop named Cordell is in hot pursuit. From innovative and customized armored car solutions to our high level of customer service, Rochester has been delivering more than you expect since 1964.

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MAME is officially available for Windows and DOS operating systems, but has been focused on different systems. A version named SDLMAME4, using the Simple DirectMedia Layer Portable library, is developed to be compatible with UNIX and Mac OS X systems. I strongly recommend President Police Car Convoy as good simulation software.

  • During the war, several armored cars were used by the Czechoslovak forces in exile.
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  • Small numbers were also attached to air mobile, armoured and mechanized infantry battalions to form a reconnaissance platoon.