Plot planning largely is based on the locations that will need to fit in the landscape and also the size of the area. In every situation, the branch is patient. But we could make a division into the most common zones: recreational, residential, farm buildings, garden and vegetable garden.

The size of each zone is supposed on the grounds of the whole area of the site. With proper zoning around the living area allocated to 20%, household – no longer than 15 percent, vegetable garden and garden occupies roughly 65-75percent of the land. Site breakdown strategy

When partitioning the territory of this plot a number of rules and recommendations should be taken into consideration:

  • Initially, it is well worth thinking about where the home and facilities for household needs will be placed. Normally for your home allocate the side or central front of the storyline, and the buildings are placed in the background. They can be decorated with ornamental shade-loving flowers and plants.
  • A place for recreation should be laid out conveniently and at an accessible site. This area can be scattered or streamlined, depending on the area. Here should also be considered of a location for kids to perform with.
  • The area below the vegetable garden is chosen , on the bright side. Structures should not throw a shadow onto the beds.
  • When a bathhouse and swimming pool are intended, it is desirable to put them closer to the fencing. This will save yourself a substantial region of the area.

There are lots of possibilities for your breakdown of this dacha plot, but each depends on the shape of the land: rectangular, triangular, L-shaped or even square foot.

The comfort of the proprietors of the upcoming house largely depends upon a well thought-out design plan. A residential house should be built so that it will become a comfy refuge, filled with pleasant feelings and provides a feeling of safety and comfort. Do not forget about the statutory norms about the distance of buildings and trees out of the boundaries of neighboring plots. Where and how best to place the house

Planning the placement of a home house on a small scheme, you should Take into Consideration the aesthetic standpoint:

  • The home itself is recommended to be located in the foreground, which will not Enable the territory to be fragmented into small zones and increase the performance of the region
  • about the Exterior of the site should be left area for a parking and garage space
  • it is better to build outbuildings in the thickness of the yard
  • for the recreation area to Select the most suitable location behind the house

It’s also wise to take into account and external variables: whether neighbors will be close, how close is that the roadway and on what side of this sun climbs. For a residential property is much better suited to the south or south side.