We also have Naim’s SuperNait 3 on hand to see how these speakers handle more modest amplification. The quality of sound from any standmounter is heavily reliant on its support. Fyne Audio is taking no chances here, offering a dedicated stand that, with a change of top plate, also works with the smaller F1-5s too. The FS8 Stands are pretty costly at £999 ($1800, AU$2695) but match the speakers well, physically and visually. They’re a good bet, but if that’s your budget there’s plenty of choice, so it’s worth experimenting. You’ll find an aluminium plinth at the base of the wooden cabinet. The idea is that the speaker’s downward-facing port fires at this diffuser, with the sound output spreading 360 degrees into the room.

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If I had €10,000 to spend on monitors I wouldn’t hesitate, and if you happen to be in that fortunate position you really should hear them. Before I move on to describe how all this technology sounds, there are two final elements of the Kii Three that need to be covered. Firstly, along with controlling dispersion, the DSP is also used to equalise the Kii Three’s wide-band phase response. So the delays inherent in its low-frequency alignment and in TeamViewer download its crossover filters are corrected. However, this being a universe in which effect follows cause, these features can only be implemented by adding latency to the system. In standard operating mode the latency is 90ms, which is of course far too long if the Kii Three is to be used as a tracking monitor.

For anyone wanting the last word in tonal neutrality or refinement, these aren’t the speakers for you. By absolute standards, the highest frequencies aren’t the purest sounding and can be provoked with poor recordings or an aggressive partnering system.

Dayton Audio’s compact aluminum cone drivers demonstrate the latest advances in high-excursion design processes. An efficient, low-distortion Neo-Balanced motor is combined with a rigid yet lightweight aluminum diaphragm, yielding impressive high-impact audio reproduction. Perfect for single point-source applications, or combined in multiples and line arrays.

But, take a bit of care over system matching – let’s face it, at this level you really should – and there shouldn’t be an issue. We use our reference Naim ND555/555 PS DR music streamer and Technics SL-1000R record player connected to Burmester’s 088/911 Mk 3 amplifier.

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  • – Remove front panel connectors and use the guide to “short” momentarily the pins for the power button.
  • Since the motherboard kicks in power to the CMOS even before BIOS POST, there’s no way to get a reading from it when the system has power.
  • Turns out, I’ve seen 10 year old motherboards still working with the original battery.
  • (Yes, I know, in the latter case, the system will start and POST, but it won’t boot.) Both have happened to people I know, after they had been rummaging around for something in the vicinity of the case.

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It’s claimed to make the speakers less fussy about room placement, and we certainly don’t have an issue with speaker positioning in our test room. The whole lot is finished in a sumptuously deep high-gloss varnish. The cylindrical section around the driver array is covered in high-quality soft leather. Add it all together and you have a pair of speakers that look as luxurious and expensive as the price point demands. This dual-driver design is what the company calls IsoFlare. I don’t quite know what I’m going to listen to when they’re gone.