A keychain from a branch

Let’s start with a simple boho-chic craft. Such a stylish holder isn’t difficult to create from throwaway fabrics, so it does not require a great deal of expenses. You and your child can create domiktop.ru a keychain together – it’s fun and intriguing.

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Keybox from a branch

The photograph indicates a hand-painted keychain, the rich design of which perfectly harmonizes with the laconic white backdrop. Tools and substances

You will need:

Let’s proceed to the creation of the handicraft:

1. Locate a branch of appropriate depth wash it with soap or whitewash, dry it in sunlight or on a radiator. Paint the contaminated branch using oil paint.

Versions of branches.

2. Screwing hooks into the branch. If the timber is too difficult, you make holes of the ideal diameter, add adhesive and add the pins.

Hooks for a keychain

Hooks inserted into the branch.

3. Drilling holes for screwswith which to attach the finished keyhole to the wall.

The gap

The product design may be almost any: the keybox will probably be original and memorable.

Keybox made from Lego

Multicolored holder looks harmonious in a modern interior and immediately attracts attention. It will be appreciated by creative individuals and fans of the legendary constructor. It is not tough to make a keychain.

You will need:

  • Lego basic platform;
  • A set of Lego bricks;
  • Double-sided tape or screws;
  • Degree;
  • Keys onto a string having a ring.