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Modern and geometric, yet somehow remaining friendly and dependable, Roboto is a marvel of form and function. EB Garamond is an elegant update of the classic Garamond font. Instantly recognizable and timeless in appearance, this font exudes a distinctive professionalism in your typography.

A dropcap on the first line is not absolutely necessary. All caps on the first six words or so is pretty common as well.

As a sign good faith he said that he was going to review his font library and remove any and all font that he hadn’t paid for and encouraged others to do the same. That said, for the ability to quickly view the installed font library—on any computer—Flipping Typical is worth noting for the casual computer user. As far as options go, there’s an input field to enter desired example text, there’s controls to increase and decrease the size of the font results returned. If you download and use it, you may wish to be a good netizen and add your name to over a thousand people who have also supported this software through a donation. NexusFont is free and easy to understand.NexusFont claims to be the best free Windows font manager.

I didn’t add any special graphics in these, which I would normally probably do, because this post is about the text and font combinations. In his free time he loves to create websites, do brand and campaign design.

Jason Beever uses the power of images and words to develop unmistakable brands for small businesses. For example, here is how I would select both regular and bold text for the font Khula. If you’re a fun-spirited artist, actor, musician or entertainer then this font could be essential in capturing your unique personality.

Noto Sans aims to be a truly universal font where, no matter the language, it can be displayed without formatting errors for users across the world. Appropriately, the font’s aesthetic is equally as versatile as its utility. Here’s another pairing that you’d be hard-pressed to find an ill use for. While Roboto works for just about anything, I think it’s particularly great for tech start-ups, modern small businesses, or any type of brand with an eye to the future.

Depending on the overarching tone and subject matter, this combination could work for a niche blog as well. Either font works equally well as a headline or body text; the particular pairing you choose will depend on the nature of your words—though I tend to prefer PT Sans Narrow in shorter bursts. Together they make for a combination that is fun, easy to read, and pragmatic.

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  • As the name suggests, Neovim is another editor based on Vi/Vim.
  • And certain web-based tools like Notion are starting to put a higher priority on their app experience.
  • Light Table is an integrated desktop environment for evaluating software.
  • Neovim aims to update the Vim-style editor with modern features, such as compatibility with other applications.
  • It works as a text editor, but its main feature is live feedback on code.

Designer: Melanie Daveid

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The Roboto font-family is a personal favorite and it’s also one that we use here at How To Get Online. Extremely versatile with a wide range of font weights, there’s practically no limitation to what the font could be used for.