Kroll’s Ontrack’s data recovery service, for example, claims to have advanced tools that can recover data even from SSDs, and it has the best reputation in the industry for data recovery. You’ll definitely pay for the expertise; recovery starts at $300 and goes up from there. That sounds like a lot of money, but it’s all too easy to imagine scenarios in which you’d be willing to pay that much to get your files back Seagate and Prosoft have no stated minimum fees for recovery, and their stated timeframes for data recovery are two to 21 days and seven to 10 days, respectively. As with other data recovery software, Recuva accurately displays the filename extension of a recovered file—like DOCX or PDF—and uses an arbitrary number in place of the original filename. You can search for files by extension or by text strings, and the app will add a checkbox. To recover one or more files, click the checkbox next to the filename and click the Recover button.

This page serves the purpose of informing the program of where to search for lost and deleted files. Users have the option to choose from several different locations for the program to search. This includes a media card or iPod, My Documents, Recycle Bin. Users also have the option to specify a specific location or search everywhere on the computer for all files that have the ability to be recovered. Like Editors’ Choice Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, Recuva does not offer a mail-in service for those disks that are beyond the capability of its local recovery software. Kroll, Prosoft, and Seagate all offer mail-in services, however.


The app asks where you want to save the file—and, in my test, all eight files that the app found were recovered successfully. The Recuva program offers a great, affordable alternative to file and data recovery programs. It is the best option to try when the budget is tight and paid for a specialist is not accessible. When the scanning finished, you can get the results of the scan. In my test, the quick scan of Recuva can only find a bunch of system files that I don’t need. To recover the deleted files, I will need to start a deep scan. Even though Recuva is the product of renowned developer Piriform, it’s more than obvious that this data recovery software didn’t receive as much care as the company’s pride, CCleaner.

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Recuva is a software utility to help recover files deleted from the recycling bin, SD cards, portable hard drives and more. There are options for what type of files to search for as well as whether to enable the deep scan that will find files on damaged or reformatted disks. Piriform, the developer of CCleaner software, had launched Recuva – a free data recovery tool for Windows. This application is fast, and it can recover accidentally deleted pictures, documents, archives and many other types of files. It has little RAM, CPU, Storage requirements due to which you can use Recuva in low configuration computers. Recuva has 3 options for recovering your lost data and you simply choose the program best suited to your recovery needs.

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A deep scan mode is also available, which is useful for finding hidden files. Being a free desktop program to recover deleted files from Windows, Recuva Free has proved its advantages over other free data recovery tools. But if you are looking for a program with higher recovery rate, an alternative to Recuva would be a better choice. The feature to make Recuva different from other data recovery programs is that it helps to analyze damage on found deleted files. Therefore, on the Recovery interface, Recuva will display the status of these found files, to tell if they can be easily recovered or not, or if they can be retrieved or not. Though the accuracy of this feature is still controversial, it tells something.

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The free version, downloadable at either or, might appeal to the home user for a single use but customer service options are limited. The 2 paid versions offer automatic updates and better support along with features that are more geared to IT professionals. It also seems to be faster than some of the ones that I have tried out. Once the appropriate files are selected, clicking next will lead to the next step of choosing a location.

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