Here, we are going to select “Top-up wallet” to proceed. With a 200 million population Indonesia is one of the largest, undeveloped market opportunities in Asia. Its position as Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China presents many opportunities for businesses as Beijing’s “One Belt, One Road” gains momentum.

I continue to visit China every 3-5 months for work, and I can say that with great confidence that phone-based payments are convenient and great. For at least two years, I tried and failed to get phone-based payments to work. But for the longest time, I couldn’t pay with my phone to work. Since 2014, I have traveled to China several times each year on business (to teach my courses in Python and data science at high-tech companies). On my first few trips, I tried to use my credit card to pay for things — as I’m used to doing in Israel, the US, and Europe. But I quickly discovered that most businesses don’t take credit cards, and they certainly don’t take foreign credit cards.

Answers For Commonly Asked Questions About Alipay

We have AEON Wallet which is riding on Visa Prepaid Card, the e-wallet can be used in AEON, AEON BIG, AEON Wellness etc. This hybrid model also adopted by BigPay , Merchantrade Money , MPay Walet , soon to be followed by GrabPay and also Boost . From the data announced publicly, Boost has 3.3 million registered users, while Touch ‘n Go eWallet just celebrated its first million registered users. Last but not the least, early adopters will reap marketing benefits by working hand-in-hand with well-funded e-wallet provider. This will benefit you greatly to acquire new customers or even encourage existing customers to come back and spend more.

  • Once your official account is scanned and verified, you will be able to apply to WeChat Payment using the menu on the left-hand side of the account.
  • At your bank’s website, you’ll be asked to confirm and authorize the transaction, or you’ll receive the bank’s instructions for alternative ways to complete the transaction .
  • DANA will provide financial services for BBM, the second largest chat app in Indonesia.
  • Offer your Malaysian customers a quick and convenient way to pay with online bank transfers through FPX.
  • Once you have finalised your shopping cart and are left with things you want to purchase, it’s time to check out.
  • If you defo didn’t sign up before, it could be the card they gave you had a previous owner and after a period was reactivated and given back out.
  • You can top up prepaid credit, or even buy bus tickets directly from within the platform.

Seems like they have updated to try and cut off this loophole. There are limits to how much you can send through Alipay – although I don’t know what that is exactly. I’m quite certain that 200kRMB is far too much to send through Alipay in a single month. You must have a Chinese ID to do the transfer, though, so any money sent will be verified via the person’s ID as to whether tax has been paid.

Transfer To Friends

So unlike a lot of folks here, I don’t have money trapped in China, I just need the Chinese parents to be able to pay for the lessons. I’m a little confused by some of the comments about folks not being able to send money. I do some freelance translation, and they pay me through Alipay, but I don’t know how to wire out the money. The flag likely won’t come from the fact that he only makes x amount of salary.